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Student Blog: Wellbeing

Third year journalism student, Joseph Broady, has shared some of his top tips for looking after your wellbeing

You are a student, juggling assignments, course work and dissertations. You may be a long way away from home and haven’t been able to see your family in a while or you may be a critical worker, who has helped keep the country moving during the pandemic in between your studies.

The need to look after yourself has never been more crucial. To the ones needing a break or a new outlet to relieve some stress, these are some of my top tips!


As simple as this seems, you are entitled to daily exercise (in line with government guidelines) and a daily walk will help you gain perspective when you are suffering with writer’s block. Wrap up warm, plan yourself a local route and put on a feel good playlist.

Even just a simple walk a day can be a much needed boost for your health and mind – just remember to keep that social distance!


It is easy to become over worked or complacent in lockdown and bringing order to your week will help you maximise your time and remove unneeded pressure related stresses. There are a million timetable apps on every major app store which will help you manage your ever growing workload and make it look more manageable. Include regular breaks and you will be ticking work off your list in no time!


Although this seems like a really simple thing to do, many people struggle to get the needed levels of hydration for a healthy lifestyle. Invest in a water bottle with times to remind you to drink water or get an app to remind you on your phone. Staying regularly hydrated can give both your physical and mental wellbeing a boost!

Get a good night’s sleep

It is so easy to stay on your phone until the early hours of the morning – we’ve all been there – don’t worry! Managing your sleep pattern could see a direct improvement to your mood and productivity. To avoid the Instagram and TikTok binges, set your alarm and put your phone face down on the other side of the room. It’s hard but you can do it!


The student cook usually takes one of two paths. The first is a frozen pizza, super noodles and biscuits pathway. The other is usually a weird and wonderful, let’s throw all of this together and see how it turns out-type pathway.

For a good outlet and something new to try, why not follow the latter and get more experimental with your cooking? Cooking a good meal for yourself, friends, and family you live with, can be an exciting thing. Either when you are doing the essential weekly shop or getting it delivered, think of interesting new dishes you’d like to try.

Lockdown Film Clubs

Watching films over calls together may have sounded like a ridiculous idea once upon a time, but recently it has been a popular method of socialising online.  You may be in halls or a house with friends; you may be at home with the family or you may be on your own at home during the lockdown Any option is fine to enjoy a lockdown film club.

For those of you with friends back home, jump on a call, everyone cue up a film, put some headphones on and click play. Stay on the call after to discuss and rate the film you watched and soon you will have an entire collection of lockdown content and memories.

Check on your loved ones

A healthy mind is often one which knows others are happy too. The “just checking in” message or the “thinking of you” call can be the difference in not just someone else’s day but your own as well. Just because we find ourselves in tough times doesn’t mean friendships and relationships should falter. Be there for others and I am sure they will be there for you.

Be excited for the future

Although it’s hard to see the horizon through the clouds, the path will soon reveal itself. The pandemic will not last forever and things you want to do most in the world will hopefully be waiting for you when we are back to normality. Take some time to make a list of all the things you want to do and get to planning! Plan that day trip, plan that club night, plan that meal out! Getting excited for the future will help bring normality back to your life. Everybody needs things to look forward to.

Ask for help

For the more independently minded students out there who take everything on their shoulders, the University still has facilities available to help you along the way! Your lecturer’s and course leaders are there to aid you with the learning but the University  student support and wellbeing team has not stopped being there for those who need it. Sometimes we all need the bit of extra support to help us along the way.

Do not beat yourself up!

When times are tough, not everything can go the way you want it. A grade you wished was higher, a bit of weight gain or just feeling a bit lonely, everybody has down periods which can be worked on and putting too much pressure on yourself is not a healthy way of progressing.

Take some time to assess the situation and look at ways you can make yourself feel better. There isn’t a soul on the planet that hasn’t been affected by the pandemic in one way or the other. You will get there, just be patient and trust your own process.